Elizabeth Gaona Colmán

Postdoctoral Visitor, York University, 2018-2019

Now: Humboldt Fellow, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Elizabeth Gaona Colmán

Elizabeth focused on the examine the atmospheric formation and chemistry of perfluoroalkyl acids while in the group.

Graduate Students


kathryn dawe

MSc, Memorial University, 2018

Now: Environmental Chemist, SEM Ltd.

Kathryn’s MSc project focused on measuring and understanding reactive chlorine species indoors.


Heidi pickard

MSc, Memorial University, 2017

Now: PhD Student, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Heidi's MSc focused on the long-range transport of perfluoroalkyl substances to the Canadian High Arctic.


Bryan place

MSc, Memorial University, 2017

Now: PhD Student, University of California Berkeley

Bryan's MSc focused on analytical methods to detect trace reactive nitrogen species in the environment. His project was co-supervised byith Dr. Trevor VandenBoer.


robert di lorenzo

PhD, Memorial University, 2016

Now: Separations and Mass Spectrometry Application Specialist, SCIEX

Rob's PhD involved the development of novel methods to characterize aerosol brown carbon and the application of these methods to atmospheric samples.


xiaolei li

MSc, Memorial University, 2016

Li's MSc focused on understanding the physical properties of contaminants and the implication for environmental transport.


Katherine richman

MES, Memorial University, 2015

Now: Environmental Program Officer, Atlantic Region Environmental Protection Section, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Kat's MES project involved the detection of contaminants in size-resolved aerosols indoors.

selected undergraduate students


Hossein ghezelbash

BSc(Hon), York University

Hossein joined the group in summer of 2018 for his CHEM 4000 project. He worked on the development of automatic precipitation samplers and measurement of persistent compound wet deposition.


archita adluri

BSc(Hon), Memorial University, 2018

Archita worked with the group starting in 2015 in various capacities, including as a MUCEP student. Her work focused on using computational methods to better understand atmospheric transport and pollutant properties.


Melanie snow

BSc(Hon), Memorial University, 2017

Now: MSc Student, University of Toronto

Mel did her Honours project with the group in 2016-2017, measuring persistent compound wet deposition in Newfoundland.

Victoria Downing_cropped.jpg

victoria downing

BSc(Hon), Memorial University, 2017

Now: MSc Student, Memorial University

Victoria joined the group for an Honours project in 2016-2017, co-supervised by Prof. Michael Katz. Her work focused on development and testing of materials for scrubbing air pollutants.


courtney laprise

BSc(Hon), Memorial University, 2017

Now: MSc Student, Memorial University

Courtney did a joint earth science-chemistry Honours project in 2016-2017, improving measurements of phosphorus wet and dry deposition in Newfoundland.


peter benson

BSc, Memorial University, 2017

Now: BEd Student, Memorial University

Peter was as an NSERC USRA student and Honours student in the group from 2016-2017. His work focused on understanding the properties of persistent compounds.


rachel hems

BSc(Hon), University of Guelph, 2014

Now: PhD Student, University of Toronto

Rachel worked with the group in summer 2014, improving methods to measure biogeochemically-important nitrogen-containing compounds.