Alexander moravek

Postdoctoral Visitor, York University, 2019-present

Alex completed his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the University of Bayreuth in 2014 on the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of perfluoracetyl nitrate. He continued his research at the University of Toronto investigating sources and sinks of ammonia in different environments. Joining the CJY Group in 2019, Alex is looking at the chemistry and transport of reactive species in indoor and outdoor environments.

graduate students


Joseph bautista

PhD, Memorial University, 2013-present

Joseph completed his BSc(Hon) and MSc at Ryerson University before joining CJY Group in 2013. His research focuses on the occurrence and long-range transport of flame retardants and their natural analogues in the environment.


teles furlani

PhD, York University, 2014-present

Teles completed his BSc(Hon) at Memorial University. He joined the CJY Group for his Honours project and then continued in the group for his PhD. Teles' research focuses on the detection, chemistry, and transport of atmospheric strong acids.


devon mcgrath

PhD, Memorial University, 2016-present

Devon completed his BSc(Hon) at St. Francis Xavier University. His project focuses on developing and testing novel materials specific to atmospheric pollutants. He is co-supervised by Prof. Michael Katz.


Jessica Clouthier

PhD, York University, 2018-present

Jessica completed her BSc(Hon) at Laurentian University, followed by a MSc at the University of Toronto before joining the group in September 2018. Her work focuses on the development of analytical methods to test our understanding of atmospheric formation and transport of contaminants.


andrea angelucci

MSc, York University, 2018-present

Andrea joined the group as an undergraduate student in January 2018 for his CHEM 4000 project. He chose to continue his work for an MSc degree, starting in September 2018. His work focuses on reactive chlorine in urban Toronto and its impacts on air quality.


Daniel Persaud

MSc, York University, 2018-present

Daniel completed his undergraduate training at the University of Guyana. He joined the group in September 2018. Daniel is using atmospheric deposition (precipitation and ice cores) to study the atmospheric formation and long-range transport of contaminants.


Lisa Azzarello

MSc, York University, 2019-present

Lisa joined the group as a CHEM 4000 student in September 2018 and continued as an MSc student starting in May 2019. She is working with field and laboratory samples to characterize light-absorbing molecules in aerosols and their influence on climate.

undergraduate students