graduate students


Joseph bautista

PhD, Memorial University, 2013-present

Joseph completed his BSc(Hon) and MSc at Ryerson University before joining CJY Group in 2013. His research focuses on the occurrence and long-range transport of flame retardants and their natural analogues in the environment.


teles furlani

PhD, York University, 2014-present

Teles completed his BSc(Hon) at Memorial University. He joined the CJY Group for his Honours project and then continued in the group for his PhD. Teles' research focuses on the detection, chemistry, and transport of atmospheric strong acids.


kathryn dawe

MSc, Memorial University, 2016-present

Kathryn completed her BSc(Hon) at Memorial University, doing her Honours project in the CJY Group. Her MSc project focuses on measuring and understanding reactive chlorine species indoors.


devon mcgrath

MSc, Memorial University, 2016-present

Devon completed his BSc(Hon) at St. Francis Xavier University. His MSc project focuses on developing novel materials specific to atmospheric pollutants. He is co-supervised by Prof. Michael Katz.

undergraduate students


andrea angelucci

BSc(Hon), York University

Andrea joined the group in January 2018 for his CHEM 4000 project, working on measurements of reactive chlorine in urban Toronto.


Hossein ghezelbash

BSc(Hon), York University

Hossein joined the group in summer of 2018 for his CHEM 4000 project, working on the development of automatic precipitation samplers and measurement of persistent compound wet deposition.